We at Team Seeds produces a wide range of seeds for different customers. We produce all the basic and pre-basic vegetables seed sold by Team Seeds in the Indian market. We are also one of the leading producers of Cauliflowers , Radishes, Peppers and Cucurbitaceous Seeds in India through production partners around India. Our network of dedicated seed growers spread across the country and ensures high quality seed production. We assure good quality through stringent field standards throughout the production process, which is deeply monitored by a team of seed technologists, plant breeders and agronomists. We constantly try to build and improve relationships with the production farmers to ensure loyalty and commitment. We multiply our base seeds with our trained seeds multipliers with home Team Seeds has established a long-term partnerships. These seeds multipliers grow our seeds in carefully selected growing areas, there by ensuring purity and quality.


Team Seeds has processing plants located Sirsa (Haryana). Our seed conditioning facility includes one agrosa seed cleaner, 3 seeds ware houses and drying facilities, RH cold storage which also house gene bank, and well equipped quality control laboratory.


Team Seeds is the leading wholesale vegetable seeds company in India selling directly to large and small retailers in the Indian market. We at Team Seeds have built up their vegetables seed business in the recent years and concentrate on marketing the genetically improved material of the vegetables . Team Seeds are active in the international vegetables seeds market, buying and marketing crop varieties.