We have an intensive variety selection trialing system of genetic material from all over the world. Through partnering with larger multinationals and government research institutes, Our goal is to find the most suitable varieties of  beans, peas, Cauliflowers, Cabbage, Peppers, Capsicum, Cucumbers, Melons and other cucurbitaceous crops. Successful varieties emerging from our evaluation proceed to trials for recommended directly to the market. We are also keen to investigate how new crops might be managed for specific markets. Our full time trials team, are also involved in contract research for universities and other commercial bodies. Our aim in research has enabled us to become one of the strongest private cauliflower-breeding company in India.

Our extensive and deep rooted knowledge, and technology capabilities in Research and Ability to choose innovations has ensured new heights of productivity in other vegetables crops also. We believe that R&D and Scientific Applications are the base for achieving the goals. Based on this thoughtful belief our research team at Team Seeds has established a gene bank of diverse germplasm, to add greater value to its products. Our commitment to research has provided a choice and value to our customers, by letting them have access to technology in the form of reliable seeds and adapted crop varieties which are disease resistant, pest resistant , high yielding and exhibiting strong progeny. Unwavering passion and commitment to excel is the spirit propelling our R&D efforts with the goal of attaining market leadership in the vegetable seed production in india.

Our investment in R&D on one hand and top of the line germplasm on the other is a reflection of this commitment. The Team Seeds on farm research infrastructure comprising of 100 acres include 18 acres research farms in Sirsa, 10 out location R&D centers and about 20 Multi-Location testing centers spread across diverse agro-climatic regions of India. This helps us in developing high yielding hybrids , resistant to various biotic and a biotic factors that are adaptable to different agro-climatic zones. Team Seeds is committed to provide quality seeds of all major vegetables crops to our farmers.

Our Key Research Objectives Are:-

  • Genetic enhancement to develop new and suitable elite germplasm.
  • Creating value for the farmers by designing the processes as per market expectations in research systems.